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Peter Pan Walt Disney Studios 1953 Captain Hook Jolly Roger Original Production Cel Hand Painted Background

Certificate of Authenticity from The Cricket Gallery

Nana is first introduced as the Darling family's nursemaid. She was first seen doing her daily duties; cleaning the nursery and putting away Wendy, John, and Michael's toys and games. When Wendy is told she must grow up, she was shocked by the decision. When George begins to storm out the room, he trips over her. Both fall, but the rest of the family only comforts Nana. George is shocked, and this causes Nana to be taken to her dog house. As she was being dragged by her collar, Michael holds onto her tail trying to stop George from taking her to her dog house, but Mary kindly stops him by picking him up and she waves at him sadly. She is heartbroken, as she never sleeps in her dog house. George feels sympathy for her but claims Wendy, John, and Michael are not puppies and she is truly a dog. During the song "You Can Fly", Peter Pan took Wendy, John, and Michael on a trip to Neverland, and Nana spots them flying out the nursery window with him. She is horrified and tries to stop them. Michael spreads some of Tinker Bell's pixie dust onto her. She begins to fly but is held back by the leash still attached to her collar and is left waving at them. When they return home, she is happy to be taken back to the nursery, as George finally realizes he's been too hard on her and Wendy. She joins Wendy, George, and Mary as they watch Peter Pan fly away on the Jolly Roger.

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