The Jungle Book Baloo Production Cel on a Master Production Background Walt Disney 1967

The Jungle Book Baloo Production Cel on a Master Production Background (Walt Disney, 1967). Look kid, I can explain." Baloo the bear tries to explain to Mowgli why they have to get him back to his village at the 15:41 mark in this rollicking Disney classic. The lovable Baloo's mannerisms were based on the study of live footage of bears and animators incorporated the animal's penchant for scratching. This is an enormous image of the bear with a big heart that measures approximately 8" tall on a 12 field cel. The cel is over a hand-painted Master production background. The background is painted in gouache and colored pencil on trimmed watercolor background board and is marked PROD BG 2179 BG 51. The setup of cel and background works flawlessly together. The piece is matted with an opening of 15" x 19" and an overall measurement of 21" x 15". A gold Disney Art Corner sticker is on back of the mat. Condition is Very Good.

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