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101 Dalmatians Original Production Cels Disney 1961 Art Corner Pongo

101 Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita Production Cels (2) Separate Art Corner Cels (Walt Disney, 1961). This was the first Disney feature to utilize Xerography to transfer animation drawings directly onto cels rather than hand-inking.   Offered is a pair of original hand-painted production cels of the stars of the film Pongo and Perdita. Both measure approximately 5" tall on trimmed cels in their original 12" x 9" Disneyland Art Corner mats with gold stickers on back. It's an excellent matching set of close-up images. Pongo is in light gray while Perdita is slightly darker. Both exhibit some minor handling wear; otherwise, condition is Very Good.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians is a 1961 American animated adventure film produced by Walt Disney Productions and based on the 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. Directed by Clyde GeronimiHamilton Luske, and Wolfgang Reitherman, it was Disney's 17th animated feature film. The film tells the story of a litter of Dalmatian puppies who are kidnapped by the villainous Cruella de Vil ("deVille"), who wants to use their fur to make into coats. Their parents, Pongo and Perdita, set out to save their children from Cruella, in the process rescuing 84 additional puppies that were bought in pet shops, bringing the total of Dalmatians to 101.

The film was originally released to theaters on January 25, 1961, by Buena Vista Distribution, and was a box office success, pulling the studio out of the financial slump caused by Sleeping Beauty, a costlier production released two years prior.Aside from its box office revenue, its commercial success was due to the employment of inexpensive animation techniques—such as using xerography during the process of inking and painting traditional animation cels—that kept production costs down. 

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