REN & STIMPY Powdered Toastman Limited Edition 1990's Nickelodeon AP

  • Nicktoons Smash Hit Ren & Stimpy Limited Edition Artist Proof Cel
  • "Powdered Toastman" Superhero Extraordinaire
  • Featuring Ren & Stimpy and Powdered Toastman
  • With Wold Nickelodeon Seal of Authenticity
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity issued by Nickelodeon Studios
  • Edition of 300 with 30 AP, 30 PP, 30 HC
  • The cel is unframed and unmatted  
  • You will be receiving a different edition number than the one shown.

The Ren and Stimpy Show is an American/Canadian animated television series created by Canadian animator John Kricfalusi. The series follows the adventures of the eponymous characters: Ren Höek, a neurotic "asthma-hound" chihuahua, and Stimpson J. Cat, — a simpleminded manx cat. They wander around in nonsensical adventures in a style reminiscent of the Golden Age of American animation.

A series from the children's cable network Nickelodeon, The Ren and Stimpy Show had a reputation for subversive humor. The controversy mostly stemmed from imagery and cartoon violence. In 1992, Nickelodeon fired Kricfalusi and production moved from Kricfalusi's Spümcø studios to Games Animation, where it stayed until its cancellation in 1997.

Powdered Toast Man is a superhero seen in "Powdered Toast Man". He is an extremely dramatic and oblivious vigilante and spokesperson for Powdered Toast, the breakfast treat that "tastes just like sawdust". He was based on a Frank Zappa inspired character. Powdered Toast Man appeared in various Powdered Toast commercials within The Ren & Stimpy Show, and starred in two episodes of the show, "Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman" and "Powdered Toast Man" (which had a guest appearance by Frank Zappa as the Pope). Oddly, Powdered Toast doesn't taste right unless Powdered Toast Man farts on it before it is consumed.

 He possesses traditional superpowers like flying and some non-traditional ones (e.g. super-flatulence, the ability to scrape toast shavings from his head). He can fly by launching himself from a toaster, or dispensing a healthy amount of flatulence. He can fly backwards, or at an angle. His catch phrase is "Leave everything to me!" Powdered Toast Man hides his true identity behind the guise of Pastor Toastman, a "cool" youth deacon. His call to action is the shouting of his name, with significant stress on the "man".

Powdered Toast Man's voice was provided by the late Gary Owens, a voice actor and disc jockey. The act of Powdered Toast Man shouting his name is a reference to how some of Gary Owens' superhero characters like Birdman and Space Ghost would often call out their names.

Although usually voiced by Owens, according to IMDb, Darrin J. Sargent (a regular cast-member in the first season) voiced Powdered Toast Man in the first commercial, at the beginning of Robin Höek/Nurse Stimpy.

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