The Simpsons Comics - Bart Simpson - The Origin of Radioactive Man

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    Bart Simpson's Favorite Comic!

    • Release date: January 1994
    • Comic Series: Radioactive Man
    • Stories: The Origin of Radioactive Man, Dr. Crabs Commie Comics, The Hold-Up That Made A Hero Out of Mac.
    • Publisher: Bongo Comics Group



      At a charity ball, Claude Kane III, Zenith City's playboy, asked Gloria Grand out. However, Gloria turns him down as he's just a frivolous socialite. Claude goes back home after the ball where his father, Claude Kane II, asks him when he's going to make something out of himself. Claude then realizes that maybe Gloria and his father are right and he should do something more with his life. Claude then goes to WZEN News, where Gloria works, and asks her out again. But Gloria decides to take an assignment at Blather Labs instead.

      At a swanky nightclub, Claude overhears two men talking about his father and money. This conversation reminds Claude that he hasn't gotten his allowance for the week so he goes to his father's lab to ask him for it. However, he takes a wrong turn and gets lost. Meanwhile, the men who Claude overheard had broken into the lab and planned to detonate the mega-bomb they were working on there, and steal the test data.

      Claude eventually hits a dead end and his car gets stuck, so he wonders towards some buildings, not noticing the fact that it's a nuclear test site. In the test site, he notices a tower and climbs it to try and see where he is. When he gets to the top of the tower, he finds the mega-bomb and tries to run away and hide from it. However, his trousers got caught on some barbed wire as the bomb explodes.

      After the smoke clears, Claude realizes that he's still alive. When he gets back to his car, he manages to lift it up whilst trying to get it unstuck. He then realizes that he can fly as well. Claude then flies towards Blather Labs but lands in a convertible car and gets stuck. The armed thugs come out and shoot at Claude, only to have their bullets bounce off him. He then knocks out the thugs and ties them up. He then runs into the lab to find his father and Gloria safe.

      Outside, the thugs don't realize who it was who took them down. Claude then says that he doesn't know either, after one of them threatens to kill his attacker, his family, his friends and his dog if he ever finds out. Later, Claude decides that he needs a disguise to protect his identity, thus protecting his loved ones. So, he becomes Radioactive Man.

      (From Wikisimpsons)

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