This Dollar Saved my Life at Whitehorse by Enzo Arzenton - Porcelain Sculpture

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This Dollar Saved my Life at Whitehorse by Enzo Arzenton

Size: 12 1/2" High x 16" Wide x 12 1/2" Deep
Edition Size: 136
Released: 1998

This Dollar Saved My Life at Whitehorse, a collaboration between the legendary Carl Barks and the House of Laurenz, perfectly captures the personna of the miserly duck. His audience - Donald Duck and Donald's nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, listen enthralled as their Uncle begins his fascinating tale. Knowing Scrooge as we do, we can expect that the story comes with a price tag. "Advice doesn't come cheap," Scrooge might say, as he charges them for the privilege of listening.

In 1983, Capodimonte acquired the license from The Walt Disney Company to produce porcelain figurines of the most famous characters of Disney Films.  Enzo Arzenton designed and created the figures until his retirement.  He started painting at 6 years of age and had the nickname "Raffaello".  He began his career with Laurenz Capodimonte in 1979 and was responsible for many figures.  He designed the whole of the Disney characters range since 1983.  With his retirement in 1999, the production fo Disney characters was discontinued.


Category: disney, duck, misc., sculpture

Type: Unknown Type

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