Two Angry Beavers Limited Edition Painted Nickelodeon Animation Cel Art

  • "Two Angry Beavers" - The Smash Nicktoons 
  • Hand Painted Cel (approximately 100 were done)
  • On a Reproduction Background
  • Nickelodeon Gift Seal 
  • Limited Edition 
  • 12 Field - 10.5" x 12" 

This Limited Edition was used by Nickelodeon as a holiday present for executives.  Less than 50 were produced.

Two Angry Beavers is a Nickelodeon American animated television series about Daggett and Norbert Beaver, two beaver brothers who have left their parents and home to become bachelors in the forest. Their many adventures spark them to release their ugly sides very often, drawing in the name Angry Beavers. The show premiered in 1997 after the 1997 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and was canceled in November 11, 2001 (with a handful of unaired episodes remaining). It was created by Mitch Schauer.  When their parents have another litter, the Norbert (the smart one) and Daggett (the stupid one) Beaver have to strike out on their own. Their new home on a lake in middle of the forest seems to be the scene of most every odd occurrence imaginable. The two beavers have to deal with wacko government scientists, 100-foot walking splinters, super-long teeth, a fish so big it can swallow a Swede, a giant cricket, the dreaded stinky toe, evil mind-controlling pond scum, a Swamp Witch, zombies, Mexican wrestlers, lying documentary-film makers, a stupidity potion, a big fat hairy naked Canadian, and a too-friendly robot, along with many other problems. In the midst of all this, Norb and Dag satisfy their love of Grade-Z 50's sci-fi, hot peppers, Yoo-hoo, and, of course, wood. Written by Jonathan D. H. Parshall.


Type: Unknown Type

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