About Us

Who We Are:
The Cricket Gallery is the Mom & Pop shop of the 2D animation art world. For over 25 years, husband and wife duo Michael & Jackie Halbreich have been dishing out the highest quality, genuine, certified animation artwork available. Quitting their corporate day jobs in the late 1980’s, to pursue a career enriched with their passion of animation art, the family of four was going out on a limb with uncertainty; but with years of hard work and dedication the dynamic team has been able bring animation art to the walls of the everyday Joe, while sharing their passion for traditional 2D animation art with the world.
In it’s quarter century of operation, The Cricket Gallery is still owned and operated by its original founders, Jackie & Michael, with having had the distinction of selling and acting as worldwide distributors for many of the major animation studios, animators and directors including Disney, Warner Bros., Hanna Barbera, Twentieth Century Fox, MTV and Nickelodeon.
How We Did It:
It wasn’t easy, but nothing good in life ever is. With a longing to leave the corporate world and have a fulfilling career that didn’t sacrifice family life, Michael & Jackie set out to work. After countless meetings, conversations, leg work, plans & failed plans, The Cricket Gallery finally had private contracts with numerous studios to be the sole distributor of animation art for them. After that, the rest is history. With an archive of work that transcends decades, The Cricket Gallery has been steadily creating content for our customers, while holding true to the integrity that is 2D animation art for the last 25 years & we couldn’t be happier.
Our inventory transcends decades of films, studios, characters, and cherished memories. We work with you to find that special piece that will bring a smile to your face each time you see it. It is our job to make you as expert in the field of animation art and collectibles, as the past 25 years has made us. Come share your wishes with us and let us share our experience and selection with you.

Welcome to The Cricket Gallery