1946 Honesty is the Best Policy Original Production Cel Matching Watercolor Background

  • Honesty is the Best Policy (1946)
  • Rare Key Master Set-up
  • Original Hand-Inked and Painted Production Cel with Watercolor Master Background
  • Norm McCabe Director
  • Extremely Rare
  • Please note: Some waves. Fragile.

    Photo note:  The first photo is the set-up, the second photo is a screen shot from the film and the third is a photo of an advertisement for the film.  If you look up the film you will find it on YouTube.

    Please note: cel is vintage and has some waves.  Cel and background should be handled very carefully.


    Professor J. Waldo Purrington has no food. Confronted with the adage “honesty is the best policy” he tries to “honestly” steal a fish from a truck before giving up and catching one himself…honestly.


    Director :Norman "Norm" McCabe

    Writer: Dana Coty (story)

    Star: Frank Graham

    Oscar Productions 

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