• Huckleberry Hound
  • Drawing Features Huckleberry Hound
  • Hand-drawn Pencil Drawing on Animation Paper
  • One-of-a-Kind Original Production Drawing
  • Comes with The Cricket Gallery Certificate of Authenticity
  • Drawing Size: 12 Field (10.5" x 12") 
  • Unmatted, Unframed

Huckleberry "Huck" Hound is a fictional cartoon character, a blue anthropomorphic coonhound that speaks with a North Carolina Southern drawl and has a relaxed, sweet, and well-intentioned personality. He first appeared in the series The Huckleberry Hound Show. The cartoon was one of six TV shows to win an Emmy Award in 1960 as an "Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Children's Programming"; the first animated series to receive such an award.[8]

Most of his short films consisted of Huck trying to perform jobs in different fields, ranging from policeman to dogcatcher, with results that backfired, yet usually coming out on top, either through slow persistence or sheer luck. Huck did not seem to exist in a specific time period as he has also been a Roman gladiator, a medieval knight, and a rocket scientist. He never appeared in futuristic cartoons, only those set in the present (1950s) or the past. Others show him as a vaudeville performer, known for his remarkable dancing and singing.

One regular antagonist in the series was Powerful Pierre, a tall and muscular unshaven character with a French-Canadian accent. Another regular villain was Dinky Dalton, a rough and tough western outlaw that Huck usually has to capture, and Crazy Coyote, a wild Native American who Huck often had to defeat and who was his match. There were also two crows with Mafia accents who often annoyed Farmer Huck. Another trademark of Huck was his tone deaf and inaccurate rendition of "Oh My Darling, Clementine", often used as a running gag. Another trait of Huck is that he's commonly prone to giggling, or possibly even laughing, even at the smallest of things, while making fun of his foes with crazy statements and silly puns. Huck also has the ability to win people over by winking his left eye. He also loves to dance to his favorite music genre, jazz.

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