The Three Little Wolves The Big Bad Wolf and Sons Production Cel Painted Background Walt Disney 1936

The Three Little Wolves the Big Bad Wolf and Sons, Walt Disney (1936) Production Cel and Painted Background This second sequel to The Three Little Pigs Silly Symphony and introduced the Big Bad Wolf's sons -- the Three Little Wolves. This is an original hand-inked, hand-painted production cel of the Big Bad Wolf and his boys from the 2:53 mark in this David Hand-directed short. The characters measure 10" x 3" on nitrate cels that have been trimmed-to-image and mounted to a clear cel. This amazingly rare setup is on a wonderful custom hand-painted background for presentation purposes. The art is framed under Plexiglas with a mat opening of 11.25" x 8.5" in a 22.5" x 19.5" frame. Condition is Very Good. Frame is sold as-is. COA from The Cricket Gallery

Fascinating Fact about Short: 

While Disney produced the sequels in order to capitalize on the success of the Three Little Pigs as characters, this film in particular was also a symbolic message about the threatening danger of European fascism, and can be seen as an indication of the levels of fear and patriotism it aroused in the American populace. In the opening scene, the Big Bad Wolf is instructing his three rowdy wolf pups in "German", pointing to a chart of pork cuts and saying "Ist das nicht ein Sausage Meat", etc., reinforcing the interpretation that he is a stand-in for Adolf Hitler.

While the hapless Fifer and Fiddler have their naval garb, musical instruments, and professed bravado—a possible critique of European military allies who were unable to stop Hitler's advances—their confidence cannot save them from being trussed and on the verge of being deposited in the oven by the time that Practical Pig comes to their rescue. Practical Pig, the industrious "American" brother, in workman's overalls, relies on the "Italian" character for distraction, and while the Wolf is focused on his free sample of tomatoes, he is pulled into an elaborate mechanical contraption, which points to the idea that technological superiority is the secret to winning the impending war. At one point, while receiving the mechanized pummeling from the machine, the Wolf's hair is parted and slicked down the center, producing a brief resemblance to Hitler

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Type: Production Cel

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